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NEO™ the overachieving, all-in-one, undercounter ice making and storage solution, that provides a new level of performance, a new level of intelligence, and a new level of convenience, while providing operators with the ice they need.

NEO™ is the first and only undercounter ice machine that brings the operational functions-such as on/off, easy clean, and production time delay-up to a location that makes it convenient for the end-user to access. NEO™ also has the intelligence to let the operator know if the bin is full or if there is a service issue that needs to be addressed.

These compact ice cube machines are ideal for small-volume ice production, for limited-use needs, or as back-ups for larger machines. Specifically designed to fit beneath counters or in areas where floor space or height restrictions prohibit use of larger equipment. The petite size makes any of these models ideal for on-the-spot installations at coffee shops, stadium boxes, refreshment break areas, or wherever limited ice needs require equipment with a small footprint.

Easy Access : Angled door provides a larger opening making ice more visible and easier to access. 
• Intelligence : Provides feedback with full bin and service indicators. Delay function allows you to pause your machine for slow periods or days when your closed. 
• Easy to Clean : Smooth sealed food-zone with removable water trough, distribution tube, and damper door for faster cleaning. AlphaSan added to key internal components


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